Hand-baked hand-made cakes and cupcakes, using the finest ingredients and traditional baking methods. Visit our shops in Canary Wharf or Covent Garden to pick up your Birthday cake or office treat, or let us deliver to you across London. Wheat-free and gluten-free flavours available each month, alongside our Signature flavours like our best-selling Red Velvet.


  • Behind the scenes in our bakery!

    Ever wondered where our lovely cakes and cupcakes are made?

    Well here's a sneak peak into our bakery, where our small team of bakers and decorators (well there's 4 of us to be exact) whisk up eggs, sieve flour, whip buttercream, pipe and decorate the yummy creations that arrive in our stores early morning whilst most of us are still snoozing away - 7 days a week 363 days a year! We do all the hard work so you don't have to! 

    It all starts with prep! "Mise en place" is the first rule of any good kitchen!

    Then we start measuring up for the mixes for the days baking, sieving the flour, beating the eggs, chopping the butter - we weigh everything, to ensure we are being exact and consistent to the recipe.

    We work by hand, apart from our little mixers and ovens - because it helps make sure everything tastes like they do when we bake at home. All our ingredients are fresh - just because our numbers are a little bigger than you might bake in your kitchen, our methods are the same!

    After baking we let things cool... before we decorate them with our light fluffy freshly whisked buttercream. At this point our bakery is filled with gorgeous warm smells of the sponges and vanilla hot from the oven. After a day in the bakery the smell even penetrates our clothes so we all smell like cakes on the way home, spreading the love wherever we go!

    The best part is adorning our cupcakes with decorations and sprinkles before they are boxed up for delivery. There's no scales or measuring involved here, it's just freehand until we think the cakes and cupcakes look fab!

    Finally, everything is packed up and whisked off to our stores down the road, early every morning, to be ready and waiting for you to chose one and tuck in!

    So next time you visit us, take a moment to recall the journey your cake or cupcake made to get to you, a lot of hard work goes into it but we love what we do so that you and your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy a few moments of pure pleasure! 


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