Hand-baked hand-made cakes and cupcakes, using the finest ingredients and traditional baking methods. Visit our shop in Canary Wharf to pick up your Birthday cake or office treat, or let us deliver to you across London. Wheat-free and gluten-free flavours available each month, alongside our Signature flavours like our best-selling Red Velvet.

Delivery Postcodes

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If you're wondering what the delivery charge to your chosen postcode would be, check out our handy list below. We use a fast and professional exterior courier service to ensure your cupcakes get to you quickly and securely. Deliveries can be booked once you reach the checkout page. Please note that the below prices show weekdays prices - our courier charges are slightly higher on weekends and bank holidays. For more information about deliveries, please see our FAQs.

Don't see your postcode? Give us a call on 0203 538 9280 and our team will be happy to help. 

Delivery Cost


£9 EC1 EC4 E3 E14 SW1 WC1 WC2 W1 W1B W1C W1D W1F W1G W1H W1J W1K W1S W1T W1U W1W
£9.50 W2
£10 EC2 EC3 E1 E13 E16 NW1 N1 SE1 SE8 SE10 SE11 SE16 SE17
£10.50 W8 W9
£11 E2 E9 E15 NW8 SW3 SW7 SW8 SE7 SE14
£11.50 W11 W14
£12.50 E6 E7 E8 NW5 N5 N7 SW9 SW10 SE3 SE4 SE5 SE13 W6 W10 W12
£13.50 E5 E10 E12 NW3 NW6 N4 N6 N19 SW4 SW5 SW11 SE15 SE18
£14.50 E11 N8 N16 SW2 SW6 SW12 SE6 SE12 SE22 SE24 W4
£15 W3
£16 E17 NW2 NW11 N10 N15 SW18 SE9 SE21 SE23
£17 E18 NW10 N2 N17 N22 SW13 SW15 SW17 SE2 SE26 SE27 SE28
£17.50 W5 TW8 TW9
£18 NW4 N3 SW16 SE19 SE20
£18.50 W13 TW10
£19 N11 N12 N13 SW14 SW19
£19.50 W7 TW7 KT2
£20.50 NW9 SE25 TW1 KT3
£21.50 NW7 N9 N14 N20 N21 SW20 TW2 TW3 TW11 KT1 KT4 KT5
£22 E4
£22.50 TW5 KT6
£23.50 TW4 TW12
£24 N18
£24.50 TW13 KT7 KT8 KT9 KT17 KT19
£26 TW14
£27 TW6 TW16 KT10
£28 KT18
£29 TW15 KT12 KT21
£30 TW17 KT20

Postcode not listed? Please call us on 0203 538 9280 to get a quote