Hand-baked hand-made cakes and cupcakes, using the finest ingredients and traditional baking methods. Visit our shops in Canary Wharf or Covent Garden to pick up your Birthday cake or office treat, or let us deliver to you across London. Wheat-free and gluten-free flavours available each month, alongside our Signature flavours like our best-selling Red Velvet.

How we bake

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Every day our bakery is filled with the amazing smell of our cakes and cupcakes cooling from the oven, and the sound of fresh ingredients being chopped, zested, grated, sieved and mixed, ready for the next batch to be baked! 

Our small team of bakers and cake-decorators are dedicated to creating amazing tasting and fabulous looking treats for our customers, every day. We make all our products by hand, from scratch, using the same recipes and techniques we use at home. We only use the finest and freshest ingredients, and we never add preservatives or additives. Why? Because we know they taste far better like that, and they are better for you! 

All our signature products start with the same 7 ingredients: flour, eggs (always free-range and from British hens), milk (always from British farms), bicarbonate of soda or baking powder (so our cakes are nice and fluffy), butter (always unsalted), sugar, and a tiny dash of salt

Then we add freshly-grated carrots (from British farms), fresh fruit - such as British strawberries, bananas, or the juice and zest of fresh lemons - cocoa and dark Belgian chocolateMadagascan vanilla extract, ground spices such as the hint of ginger & cinnamon in our carrot cake, coconut (desiccated, shavings or extract), raspberry jam, cream cheese, oreo cookies...  or other delicious ingredients, depending on the recipes we create!

Come visit our cake boutiques in Covent Garden and Canary Wharf, or browse our online store to order a treat today.